Karl XI (1655-1697) of House Pfalz, King of Sweden, Duke of Bremen, Duke of Pfalz-Zweibrücken and Prince of Verden, is a character of major importance in Swedish history; the founder of the Carolean Army and the second of the three Carolean Kings, also the second regent of House Pfalz.

Karl XI
Karl XI
Charles XI, king of Sweden

King of Sweden

13 February 1660-5 April 1697


28 September 1675


Karl X Gustav


Karl XII


Hedvig Sofia


Karl, Ulrika Eleonora


House Pfalz


24 November, 1655


5 April, 1697 (aged 41)


Riddarholmen Church

Wars and battlesEdit

Karl XI spent most of his time as a ruler attending to the army, and thus he became a skilled field commander who was very popular among his soldiers. He also commenced the Carolean reformation, giving Sweden the world's most powerful offensive army despite its relatively small size. He is famous for repelling the largest Danish invasion ever to target Sweden in what was known as the Scanian War. However, he only fought in three battles throughout his life. The rest of the war was fought by his generals, but the three battles he commanded turned out to be the most decisive ones - and all ended in Swedish victory.

Note that although the number of battles he fought in was few, the effect they had made up for it. He destroyed a combined invasion force from Denmark, Brandenburg, the United Provinces and the Holy Roman Empire that threatened to slaughter all of Sweden's population. He also made sure that Denmark's attempts to retake Skåne failed once and for all, maintaining his father's dream of keeping the Danes away from the Scandinavian mainland.