Karl X Gustav (1622-1660), King of Sweden, Duke of Bremen and Verden, and Duke of Öland, is a character of major importance in Swedish history and one of the greatest field commanders among Swedish kings, perhaps only surpassed by his grandson and Gustav II Adolf, a predecessor. Most famous for his near-complete invasion of Denmark by crossing the narrow sea, he was also a renowned womanizer and a skilled soldier on his own.

Karl X Gustav
Karl X Gustav
King Carl Gustaf

King of Sweden

6 June 1654-13 February 1660


6 June 1654




Karl XI


Hedwig Eleonora of Holstein-Gottorp


Karl (within marriage), numerous other children


House Pfalz


8 November, 1622


13 February, 1660 (aged 37)


Riddarholmen Church

Wars and battlesEdit

A warrior king of the Carolean Era, Karl X Gustav was an experienced man of warfare who was not only a skilled tactician, but also hailed as a great warrior who had killed multiple Polish and Danish soldiers on his own throughout his life. The following is a list of the wars he fought in, but note that the years stated only shows the time he fought during the war and not the length of the war itself:

As generalEdit
As kingEdit


Karl X Gustav had only one son and heir, Karl XI, within his royal marriage. However, he had five recognized children before his marriage and is rumored to have had many more bastards even after the wedding with numerous women from all classes of society. The children that he recognized were the following:

  1. Carolus Wenzeslaus Jankoffsky (1643-????), with Ludmilla Jankowska von Lazan
  2. Gustaf Carlson (1647-1708), with Märta Allertz
  3. Nils Carlsson (1648-????), with Valborg Staffansdotter
  4. Samuel Carlsson (????-1691), with Sidonia Johansdotter
  5. Anna Carlsdotter (????-????), with "Svana-Lilla" Lobjörn